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Empowering Minds | Changing Lives

Why Become NLP Certified With Our Coaching Institute

KTCI®️ is a leading certifying authority in providing the most powerful training experiences in alternative and integrative approaches in psychology, human understanding, neuroscience and personal growth. KTCI®️ is Dedicated to providing education that promotes & develops a deep understanding of empowerment in the concept of the “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, & body in an effort to achieve an integrated experience of Self & connectedness with others. KTCI®️ is an Expert in the field of personal empowerment and integrative energy & holistic healing methods, offering a unique blend of neuroscience, energy and emotional intelligence psychology which include:

Empowering Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Mental Emotional Release Therapy (MER®️)

Time Empowerment Techniques

Integrative Life Coach Training



Our Vision

When we find something that is empowering, beautiful and has so much value, we share it with the world so that others also find what we found. That’s our WHY.

It doesn’t stop here. Our WHY extends further than that – “We imagine a world, where the vast majority of people wake up every single morning, emotionally intelligent, empowered & inspired to make a difference and extending a hand to others so they also can explore the same for themselves”.

Our Mission

As the best NLP Coaching Institute in Dubai, our mission is to provide
people with the right personal development tools and skillsets to empower every single day of their lives.

We have a saying…

Using cutting edge approaches to integrative coaching, we empower our clients to improve their energy, mindset, emotional intelligence and action plans. ®KNOW THYSELF COACHING INSTITUTE is a leading expert in the field of personal empowerment, integrative energy & holistic healing methods which include Life Coach Training, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Empowerment Techniques, Hypnosis and Mental Emotion Release Therapy (MER®).​ We are the best NLP coaching institute in Dubai.

Our Values


Congruency, honesty, consistency, transparency, openness


Growth, transformation, creativity, vision, personal evolution


Impeccable, results, taking the best possible action


Positive, fun, joy, love


Teamwork, value, service, communication, collaboration

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Award Winning

KTCI®️ is an ‘Award Winning’ Certification Programme recognized as the most rigorous and respected coach training & NLP certification in the industry. KTCI®️ is the winner of the “Education and Training Awards 2021” as well as the “Best Life Coaching and NLP Institute in MENA for 2020” by MEA BUSINESS AWARDS