Empowering Minds | Changing Lives


Empowering Minds | Changing Lives

Why Become NLP Certified With Our Coaching Institute

Hey there! Let us introduce you to KTCI®️. 

We’re the trailblazers in granting some of the most impressive training adventures in the domains of Coaching, NLP, psychology, neuroscience and personal growth – all founded on integrative and alternative approaches.

Getting tired of the usual spiel about personal growth? KTCI® ️is all about turning that on its head. We’re firm believers in education that cultivates and nurtures a comprehensive comprehension of empowerment. We encapsulate the “whole person” within our learning capsule. Yeah, we’re talking spirit, mind, emotion, and body. No stone is left unturned in our quest for an interconnected and integrated self-experience.

Here’s where it gets really interesting: at KTCI ® ️we offer the stunningly unique merge of neuroscience, energy, and emotional intelligence psychology. That includes:

Energy Science


Empowering Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Mental Emotional Release Therapy (MER®️)

Cognitive Behavioral Psychology

Integrative Life Coach Training

Leadership Development

Time‐Line Empowerment

Holistic Healing Methods

Personal Empowerment

Emotional Intelligence

If you’re up for a transformative, integrative and empowering adventure, KTCI®️ is your next stop. Let’s create a ripple in your leadership journey.

The KTCI® Model

Empowering Minds | Changing Lives

The KTCI Model, is a comprehensive coaching approach that empowers every client regardless of their coaching needs. It’s not merely a model, but a belief system that appreciates everyone’s innate creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness.
Imagine a model that illuminates obstacles and supports clients in designing a tangible plan to meet their goals. Picture a comfortable and safe space that cultivates growth, learning and an enriching coach-client relationship. Well, that’s what the KTCI coaching model is all about!
It equips coaches with the right tools to promote reflective discussions and gain a deeper understanding of their clients. The KTCI Model can help clients overcome challenges, attain their goals and truly realize their full potential – no matter the topic or context. Don’t just coach, make a difference with the KTCI Model!

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Award Winning

KTCI®️ is an ‘Award Winning’ Certification Programme recognized as the most rigorous and respected coach training & NLP certification in the industry. KTCI®️ is the winner of the “Education and Training Awards 2021” as well as the “Best Life Coaching and NLP Institute in MENA for 2020” by MEA BUSINESS AWARDS