Advanced Masterful Coaching Training

 A Journey into the Depths of Your Being

Advanced Masterful Coaching Training

Ready to elevate your coaching? 


This level takes a new approach into the world of KTCI coaching and is intended to expand on the knowledge students gained in the essential series in order for them to truly “Master” KTCI coaching skills and offer even MORE to your clients.


Mastery includes attaining a deeper understanding of the KTCI methodology that enables students to improvise and create new applications of coaching in different situations as the need arises.


Throughout this training, you will develop the competencies to tailored techniques to aid your clients in establishing fresh insights into their lives as they formulate strategic action plans driven by dedication and prioritizing what matters the most! 


Despite the majority of coaching centering around progressing forward, KTCI methodology concentrates on the intimate, in-the-moment experiences. You will acquire the competency to support clients in navigating emotionally heavy issues. 


This course empowers you to bring forth transformation in your clients, help them awaken to the truth – life is about conscious choices, not an endless series of reactions.

Let's Go Deeper. What You Will Learn

Crack the code of joy with the KTCI happiness framework model!

Master the art of guiding your clients, empowering them to harness the magic of perspectives and the thrill of choosing what experiences they long for.

Dissect the intriguing dimensions of self-deception, directing your clients on how to firmly hold the reins of their emotional, mental, and behavioural energy.

Dive into the depths of your clients' subconscious, processing emotionally-charged events and past emotional baggage, aiding them in integrating with the unknown.

Discover how to conjure up transformative coaching strategies using the enchanting tools of geography and environment!

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