NLP for Decision-Making

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How does the human brain work when taking decisions? Reasoning and decision-making are controlled by the brain’s frontal lobe, as per the neurological perspective. However, some researches have proved that decision-making is a process subserved by 3 different neural circuits which are connected to different brain areas. These circuits are respectively involved in taking good decisions, bad decisions, and memorizing decisions’ learnings.

To explain further how this works, we can say that to take a decision, the brain is getting the same process as traditional business model. The Striatum, which is the brain key area of decision-making, operates in a hierarchical model with a Manager, Executive and Staff.

Decision making process consists in 3 steps:

  1. Signals generated for rewards of previous actions.
  2. Reward expectation for future actions.
  3. Combination of the reward expectation, cost and opportunities related to the future actions.

But how can we optimize this process to enhance our decision-making?

NLP techniques to improve your decision-making:

We often hesitate when it comes to taking important life decisions such as building a family, changing a career or relocating, … Life is a set of projects that require wise decisions. The fear of taking the wrong decision makes you delay important decisions and consequently prevent you from moving forward.

It’s time to stop pulling back your life decisions! NLP will help you overcome your fears and enhance your capability of making the right decisions at the right moments. Hence, you will be able to take once-in-a-life opportunities, move forward and improve your personal development.

With NLP, you will learn more about your desires and your limits, you will get the control of your emotions, and learn how to unlock the door to your happiness and personal development. Thus, you have to work within an NLP decision-making strategy.

  • Recognize the situation: Be aware of the whole situation, your needs, desires and the existing options.
  • Create pros and cons list: Identify your limits, the opportunities and the expected actions’ consequences.
  • Listen to your emotions: Some life situations require emotional inclusion. You must listen to your senses to add value to your pros and cons list and help you optimize your decision-making.
  • Take the decision based on the NLP decision-making strategy.
  • Evaluate the decision: Finally, you have to come up with learnings to be analyzed and memorized to serve your future decision-making strategies.

“We are our choices” Jean-Paul Sartre

To conclude, our life choices define who we are and how we think. We have to learn how to optimize our decision-making process to achieve and succeed the target change in our personal and professional life, unlock happiness and open ourselves to new opportunities and possibilities.

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