NLP & Emotional Self-Control

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Before digging deep into the emotional self-control, we need to know what exactly are the Emotions.

Emotions are a bodily reaction towards a certain thought or situation. We distinguish 6 types of emotions subjects to substantial response: Fear, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise and happiness. Our emotions are self-evidences that need to be analyzed, understood and controlled to improve our emotional intelligence and personal development.

What happens when people are unable to control their emotions?

Losing control over their emotions is a psychological mind state that can be either slight, as for the temporary emotional flooding, or a mental disease such as bipolar disorder. When this happens, people are likely to feel that their emotions are controlling them. What actually happens, is that our reactions are inappropriate given the situation.

When emotions occur, it’s hard to stop them. However, there are some techniques to manage and optimize our thoughts and beliefs to positively curb our emotions.

NLP tips to improve our emotional self-control

Emotions are the result of our thoughts, expressed as physical reactions influencing our behavior. How will the NLP help manage our emotional state to better serve the personal development and prevent any possible emotional flooding?

Emotion Recognition:

The first step to canalize and take control over their emotions is to identify and recognize them. Therefore, we need to listen to our emotions by detecting our bodily signals generated by the brain in given situations.

Anticipate our Emotions:

Once our emotions are identified, anticipating them will subsequently allow us to be prepared to better canalize them. We have to recognize that a given situation can engender multiple results (e.g. success or failure).

Having a Zen Attitude:

No matter what a given situation can result, keeping calm is very recommended. Having a mental balance and a Zen attitude is very important to control their emotions and get the best out of any situation.


It’s the power of self-conviction. Don’t let your emotions take control over you! Listen to yourself, if you convince yourself that you will be fine, you will be.

NLP Practitioner Consultation:

It’s highly recommended to contact a specialist, such as an NLP practitioner or a therapist, who will listen to your emotional concerns and help you take control over them using impressive tools and techniques.

When we are perfectly able to instantly detect our emotional state, we will be able to recognize what really matters for us to proceed with the desired change, improve our personal development and unlock our happiness. Which will positively affect our relationships with others.

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