3 things you don’t know about Yourself

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Have you ever looked at the mirror and asked yourself “Who am I?”. Do you know that you can easily read yourself like an open book if you only take the time to learn more about it?

In previous articles, we talked about NLP and its benefits. We said that analyzing the outcomes of your neurological system is one of the most crucial parts of the brain programming. Now, we will help you analyze some of your thoughts and actions by listing 3 facts you don’t know about yourself. Knowing these, you will get to understand how your brain works. Hence, you will understand yourself further.

1- Inaccurate Self-Perception

Sometimes we don’t know our exact feeling about something. Hence, we use our own behavior to guess what we are feeling. Otherwise, we lie and we believe our own lies! This means that our self-perception is not all the time accurate and true.

For example, when we are not good at something or that we find it so hard to be done and we fail to do it several times, we just say “I can’t do it, I will never do!”. Our self-perception here is that we are unable to do this thing. However, we might be actually able to do it!

Now that you knew what is the problematic fact, you can step forward to get the solution. Learn how you can change your self-perception by leveraging your hidden strengths. Let us guide you by visiting our first workshop CREATING FROM SELF.

2- Our Effect on Other People

“Why don’t people like me?” This is a common question we ask ourselves when we try hard to make a good impression on someone, but then we feel that we failed.

It is important to know that sometimes, we don’t really know the effect we have on people, basically because we are not completely aware of our own body language.

This can be perfectly applied to job interviews. You think you are the best candidate for the job, yet you are not selected, only because your handshake was weak! Which can be a sign of a lack of commitment or determination.

3- Unconscious Self-deception

his is how I like myself to be seen! Either I am or not… it doesn’t matter.

Did you know that the trigger of self-deception is often our desire to impress others? But how does it work? When you want to make people believe that you have a certain quality, you will have a tendency to convince them about it. Therefore, you will be unconsciously lying to yourself to create a self-motivation around this false belief.

To conclude, you should know that you can’t read yourself like an open book unless you put some effort into analyzing your senses and behaviors. This can help you know yourself more and know how to proceed with the neurological programming that will affect positively your life.

Therefore, we are coming with the perfect techniques for you to create from SELF your own way to happiness! As Makram Maadad said:

“You are getting to know you, you are getting to love you…”

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