[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Want I want for your leadership and mine today is to grasp the idea that we are always in charge.


And weather you know it or not, you are always the decision maker and the one in control.

You are the power, and nothing has power over you.

Let me tell you why. See, I can give you lots of amazing advices, and wonderful new ideas

And if you chose not to accept them, then you are in control for you have the power.


Now say, someone miss-treated you, its coz you are in charge and in control and you chose to accept that experience in your life. Miss treatment will not happen unless you have accepted and approved for it first.


So weather our life sucks or its wonderful we are in charge of it.

We allowed this or that experience to manifest.


People say,

it’s not in my hands!

Of course, it is!!!



Ever takes place in your life

Prior to your approval

And acceptance.


I will go as far as to say that even all illnesses are self-created!

Not that we say “I want to have this illness”, but we create a mental atmosphere where this dis-ese can grow and flourish. What’s interesting about that is nothing ever takes place in your life prior to your approval and acceptance.


I personally have not given the freedom to anybody that someone can freak me,

someone can make me angry; someone can make me happy, unhappy.

These privileges I have kept them to myself because if somebody can decide what can happen within you, at any given time, isn’t this the ultimate slavery!

That what happens within you somebody else determines, this is the worst form of slavery!


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