The storytelling is a powerful communication technique mainly used in marketing to help create awareness around brands or to increase sales.

The purpose of storytelling is to catch people’s attention by creating an emotional experience around a certain brand, people or situations, no matter how real it is. We can highlight different storytelling successful examples:

  • When Leo Widrich, the co-founder of Buffer, started marketing products using storytelling, their sales increased by 100%.
  • When costumers explained the greatness of their product experience through video testimonials, Tesla expressed authenticity that helped them build emotional connection with their audience.
  • IKEA Singapore used storytelling videos about typical couple’s private life to illustrate their products with hilarity and humor. This was a brilliant idea to promote their brand and increase their sales.

Powerful NLP Technique: Storytelling

Storytelling impact on the human brain:

What is the benefit of telling stories and what is its effect on the human brain?

Emotions are neuro-physiological reactions. Feeling these emotions is explained by a Neurotransmitters secretion (chemical messengers e.g. dopamine) which ensures the transmission of our emotional states. Thus, when we feel intense emotions, they will turn into stored memories.

The brain is then the key organ of emotions. Therefore, when a story is told or read, it stimulates deep emotions such as anger, joy, sadness or even fear. By telling a story about an object or a brand, we consequently provoke a relevant emotion that gives a second life to this object, makes people build an affective connection with it to keep it remembered.

Why does the NLP Practitioner have to use the Storytelling technique?

As previously explained, our emotions are impacted by storytelling. This means that our behavior will also be affected. Therefore, by using this technique, the NLP practitioner will be increasing the quality of his sessions to take them to a higher level of effectiveness.

Stories similar to the client’s life can grab his attention and stimulate his emotions. When the ending is positively different, this will increase his motivation for positive change, and by making the story journey more interesting, the listener will learn tips to improve his own life journey and to get more benefits from his NLP coaching sessions.

Therefore, Storytelling will be a very productive way to teach the audience life lessons and motivate them to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives, to achieve success and unlock happiness.

Finally, the Storytelling is a very powerful technique, used in marketing and NLP but also in internal communication, in politics and in everyday life.

To communicate effectively with his clients, an NLP practitioner should then master the technique of storytelling. He has to choose the right stories using the right arguments while being an authentic and good communicator.

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