Education is often considered the foundation for creating a well-rounded & productive society.

This belief usually stems from being sure that those coming out of the education system are able to keep the cogs of society turning in order to maintain profit margins for large companies in a system that requires constant growth.

The current style of education creates more submissive, obedient & trained graduates so the current system is always maintained.

To a certain extent, we make poor use of our talents. Many people go through their whole lives without knowing what their talents may be.

We meet all kinds of people, some who don’t enjoy what they do & simply go through their lives getting on with it. They get no pleasure from what they do – they endure it rather than enjoy it & wait for the weekend.

We also meet other kinds of people who love what they do & couldn’t imagine doing anything else; & if we were to tell them “don’t do this anymore”, they wonder what you are talking about – because it isn’t what they do, its who they are. They say “This is me, & it would be foolish to abandon what I do because it speaks to my most authentic self.” – This applies to the minority among us.

There are explanations for it, & high among them is education.

Education in a way dislocates many people from them natural talent & #humanresources are like natural resources, they are often buried deep & you have to go looking for them. They aren’t just laying around on the surface. Those resources only show themselves when the circumstances are nurturing & encouraging.

Every education system in the world is being reformed at the moment, & it’s not enough. Reform is no use anymore because that’s simply improving a broken model.

What we need is not evolution – rather a #revolution in education.


The current educational system does not feed the human #spirit, it’s #energy or it’s #passion.

We have to go from what is essentially an industrial/manufacturing model of education which is based on linearity & conformity to a model that is based on agricultural principles. We have to recognize that human flourishing is not mechanical process – it’s an #organic process.

The reason why #selfhelp books, #motivation seminars, TED, podcasts and YouTube videos are inefficient in creating #transformation in one’s #psyche, is because it half-integrates the #learning process.

Usually, in order for one to #learn anything what-so-ever, it is vital that we pass through all 4 stages:

1. Reaction: Unconscious Incompetence.

2. Learning: Conscious Incompetence.

3. Impact: Conscious Competence.

4. Results: Unconscious Competence.

Unfortunately, what happens when one attends to these #motivational methods, is, the learner does not make it past the second level (conscious incompetence), and sometimes if they do, they are stuck between the second and third level – a black hole.

That’s the reason why many would feel a quick overdose of dopamine rush in their chemistry when they attend to anything motivational, and that same rush fades away even faster the moment they go back to their day to day life.

That dopamine rush is addicting! It’s the same chemical that forces people back in search for motivational environments, constantly looking for the next shiny seminar or event, hoping that this time it would be different.

It’s a form of a scam – feeding of people’s insecurities, and it’s done lawfully.

That’s the same reason why the motivation business industry today is worth 10 Billion $.

Every speaker gives you the ‘what you have to do’, but the ‘how’ is missing. They bombarded people with: be more confident, be fearless, be strong, be powerful, be this… be that… do this… do that… and this communicates one thing to people’s sub-conscious – That they are broken, and they need fixing.

It is rare that you find programmes that hold you bigger than you hold yourself, and see you as capable, naturally creative, resourceful, whole and complete just the way you are – That’s a belief that we hold.

The programmes that we offer are not motivational. Instead they are Activational!

? We nurture you instead of change you!

? We call you in instead of call you out!

? We co-create with you instead of talk at you!

? We are responsible with you instead of being responsible for you!

? We create from you and activate from you instead of download you with stuff!

? We dare to have low tolerance for your B.S and huge compassion for your humanity!

? We dare to be authentic, messy, human and real. (Perfection is overrated. Messy is beauty)!

? We dare to go with you towards your “no trespassing zone, the mines, the mess, the chaos, where the edge is” for the sake of your own growth!