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NLP Master Certification Training

The Master Practitioner Course takes a different approach to learning and is designed to build on the knowledge students have already acquired in the practitioner course, in order to really “Master” those skills.

Mastery includes attaining a deeper understanding of the methodology beneath the skills and patterns taught in the Practitioner course. This will enable the students to improvise and create new applications of NLP in different situations as the need arises.

This program is superbly deep, informative and intense. A journey of 15 Days into the world of NLP and coaching. It’s a whole new level. This is where you will learn quantum healing techniques. Get ready for an even deeper dive, as we explore the center of your being and your inner powers. We’ll dig deep into your autonomous nervous system and start affecting it, despite the old scientific misunderstandings of how we have absolute no say in this matter. Deep healing on a cellular level, and more control of your health than you ever dreamed possible – superhuman powers and whole new levels of existence.

So WHY the Master level?

Expand your practice and offer even MORE to your clients.

Understand relationships and how to coach couples through the relationship paradigm.

Enter the world of Quantum Physics and update your skills and expertise to a whole new level.

Understand the subject of health and how your skills can often be considered as a miracle by your clients.


Coaching Choices, Perspectives & Possibilities 

Neuro Somatic Energy Re-patterning 

Coaching Energy & Emotions

Instant Influence Technique

Advanced Patterns Of NLP

Values & Meta Programs  

Re-Imprinting Time Line 

Procrastination Blaster 

Instant Influence Technique 

Psycho-somatic S.P.I.N 

Chronic Pain Paradigm 

Spiral Dynamics Map 

Coaching Geography 

Quantum Linguistics 

Acceptance Process 

Advanced Hypnosis 

Advanced 6 Needs 

The Grey Room 

Allergy Release 

4-MAT System 




KTCI®️ Certification Programme is recognized as the most rigorous and respected coach training & NLP certification in the industry

KTCI®️Certification Programme is recognized as the most rigorous and respected coach training & NLP certification in the industry.

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