A different kind of Leadership

Here is what I want for your leadership and mine.

The idea that the past is not a place you can point to on a map or only exists in your mind.

Here’s an idea I want you to play with, that 50% of what you say about your past is not true.


Because you’re constantly changing, you’re not the same person. So, what makes you consistently seek to return to a place that doesn’t exist?

Your task is to remain focused forward towards the future and to stay rooted in the present because the present is where you will make your impact and change lives.

See, you redefine your future when you redesign your present as you look at your life, consider your goals, and what you are doing daily to bring them to accomplishment and ask your self.

Am I on track?
If not, what are you doing about it?
If yes, are you monitoring your progress?

See, there’s no secret to success. There is a system for success. Once you tap into that system, You’re golden!

So how does one do that?

Well, as simple as it sounds, figure out what you want to do and then find someone that has already done it. Ask them to assist you, hire them so you can save yourself time and costly mistakes. It means being coachable and being teachable.

I want this for you. Let us create from you.

So you can find out for yourself how you can begin to take some steps to expand your vision of yourself to get clear on your life purpose to grow your leadership to enhance your emotional intelligence to create from your passion.